Romy Devack started SINCERELY after working in the fashion industry for over a decade, as an expert consultant across celebrity and retail. When her father, Stephen Devack, passed away after a sudden bout with cancer in September 2014, she planned to tattoo his signature on her body as a way to honor his memory and keep a part of him with her at all times. Her mother, however, quickly shot down that idea with a fervent, maternal, “NO! No way!” and suggested a symbolic piece of jewelry instead.

Romy struggled to find the perfect everyday piece to honor her father, combing the available options in the market before turning to the idea of designing her own. For her mother’s birthday in February 2015, she asked a family friend to turn her late father’s signature into a diamond necklace so that the one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry could be worn close to her heart. Romy’s mother was overcome by the gift; it was both meaningful and beautiful.

In the weeks that followed, her mother Joy was stopped constantly and asked about the unique piece. When she explained its origins, they loved the story behind it as much as the striking necklace itself. A flurry of interest followed as friends, family, and strangers began asking if they could order their own personalized piece, organically sparking a business pursuit.

In January 2016, Romy realized her dream of creating a jewelry line that fuses design and meaning. The personalized pieces are unique and beautiful, but the sentiment behind them – of keeping a loved one close to your heart and with you at all times – is equally as important to the intention of the company.

SINCERELY was born as a tribute to one man, and carries on as treasured light for thousands of others.

I hope you love your pieces as much as I've loved designing them for you!


Romy Signature Sincerely Jewelry