Elizabeth H.

After my dad died suddenly in June 2016, I wanted a permanent reminder of him with me at all times.  He didn't like tattoos - and disapproved of my small ankle tattoo - so I started scouting for a sentimental piece of jewelry.  I came across Sincerely and immediately felt connected to Romy's story and her company.  

Romy captured my dad's signature perfectly, including his distinct "C" (for Charles).  I was worried that his signature, which is mostly scribble, would not translate properly in a necklace form - but Romy assured me that she thought it would be beautiful.  Romy was patient and encouraging during this process, and produced an incredible piece of jewelry for me.

I receive daily compliments on my necklace and have recommended Sincerely to my family and friends.  More importantly, this necklace sits close to my heart, helps me feel more connected to my dad, and gives me opportunities to talk about him with others.  Thank you for such a treasured gift.