Honoring Legacy: A Round Diamond Bezel Set Wedding Band in Yellow Gold


Our latest creation, a round diamond bezel set wedding band in yellow gold, is a testament to this philosophy.

Our client entrusted us with her late grandmother's double row vintage diamond ring, a cherished heirloom brimming with sentimental value. She wanted to honor her grandmother's memory by transforming the ring into something she could wear daily.

During our consultation, we carefully considered her wishes and collaborated on a design that would preserve the essence of the original while reflecting modern elegance. Inspired by the ring's vintage charm, we crafted a round diamond bezel set wedding band in radiant yellow gold.

The result is a timeless piece that seamlessly blends the old with the new. Each diamond, meticulously bezel set, shines brightly against the warm glow of yellow gold. This design not only honors her grandmother's legacy but also creates a meaningful symbol of love and continuity for our client's own journey.

At Sincerely Jewelry, we are committed to transforming treasured heirlooms into pieces that tell personal stories. If you have a piece of jewelry you'd like to reimagine, we invite you to collaborate with us in creating a bespoke design that honors your unique heritage.