A Timeless Tribute: Transforming an Heirloom Necklace into a Stunning Keepsake


Our latest project was a heartfelt transformation of a treasured collar necklace into a stunning yellow radiant cut diamond ring and a matching band, both elegant yellow gold bezel settings.

Our client approached us with her late mother’s collar necklace, an exquisite piece adorned with radiant cut diamonds and crafted in rich yellow gold. While the necklace held deep sentimental value, it wasn’t something she could wear every day. She wanted to transform it into something more versatile, yet still a fitting tribute to her mother's memory.

During our consultation, we carefully listened to her desires and collaborated on a design that would honor the original piece while creating something uniquely hers. The plan was to repurpose the radiant cut diamonds and gold from the collar necklace into a modern, sophisticated ring and matching band.

The centerpiece of this transformation is a radiant cut yellow diamond, set in a sleek yellow gold bezel. This setting not only highlights the diamond’s natural brilliance but also provides a modern, clean look. The matching band, also designed using radiant cut diamonds in a bezel setting, complements the ring perfectly, creating a cohesive and elegant set.

This transformation has given new life to the cherished diamonds and gold, allowing our client to carry a piece of her mother’s legacy with her every day. The modern design ensures that these precious materials are showcased beautifully, while the sentimental value remains intact.

At Sincerely Jewelry, we take pride in helping our clients preserve their memories and stories through bespoke jewelry designs. If you have heirlooms that you’d like to transform into something new and wearable, we would be honored to work with you in creating a timeless design that tells your unique story.